A letter to distribution partners worldwide

Dear distribution partners,


With the variety of disposable vape products in the market, the selling points are different, but quality is not big difference. Most of them compare flavors.At present it’s almost no space to make different function.

The concept of YAMIBAR will be insisting on letting users spend less money with better experiences. Based on reliable quality,we make flavors always FIRST,we will never make any low-value return products, and ensure to have long-term business relations with our distribution partners globally.

Regardless of any industries,all consumption development will eventually lead to consumer stratification and classification, so are disposable vape products .

YAMIBAR wants to seize it, we believe it will definitely differentiate users who care more flavors with reasonable cost than public,that’s what we are born for!
There are some over 4000 puffs disposables with higher cost,they have good flavors on first 1000-1500 puffs,rest can’t promise,we believe users are paying for great flavors,especially the one from first to last puff.We are not the one to follow puffs,but truly great flavors.

Why don't companies make same product as ours?
To be honest, as 1200 puffs disposable with mesh coils & pure cobalt (grade A) battery, the input-output ratio and profits is low,we make it because of our brand strategy.we want to the first one to break mindset and make products which users really need.

To be our distribution partners will not affect their currently market, since we are offering an increment and have our own target users. Judging price only based on number of puffs is not the future,that’s why we don’t make 5000 puffs currently.

We are YAMIBAR—Every Puff Matters.